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debut album: SWMRS – Drive North

now i hadn’t heard of SWMRS until a few months ago, i kept seeing them in youtube videos of people who review music, the first song i heard was miley, and as anyone who has seen that music video, first up i was very confused but also intrigued (because that green screen is perfect), so i downloaded their album, fell in love with miss yer kiss and proceeded to listen to them for a week straight. SWMRS are comprised of cole and max becker, joey armstrong (yes billie joes son) and sebastian mueller. with cole and max on lead vocals and electric guitar (alternating vocals depending on who wrote which song), joey on drums and seb on bass you have what they like to call, hawaiigrunge. its basically surfy punk. max and coles vocals are very different with max having this pure almost poppy voice (its like honey) whereas cole is raspy and more punky sounding. i’ve heard that people much prefer coles voice to max but honestly max sounds so good in live recordings that it makes me want to cry. too me they’re both equal but to each their own. now ‘drive north’ was released around february. honestly i love every song on this album, but my stand out songs are d’you have a car because that bass line is gold (thanks seb), turn up because maxs vocal are amAZING and that song makes me move my shoulders, uncool because who doesn’t love the way cole says baby, silver bullet because its the only song i can actually sing because i can’t scream unfortunately and of course the title track because i love that bit at the end. so go forth and purchase SWMRS debut album because its fucking great and you won’t regret it, plus i’ve heard that they are all very nice people and cole is a feminist and has his own zine so check that out, seb is pretty handy with a camera as well.

SWMRS website



left-right: max becker, joey armstrong, cole becker and seb mueller



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